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In this note, we are going to know about the difference between PMSM and BLDC Motor or PMSM vs BLDC Motor. Welcome to Poly Notes Hub, a leading destination for Diploma Engineering Notes for Polytechnic Students.

Author Name: Arun Paul.

Difference between PMSM and BLDC Motor

Below we listed some differences of these two type of motor โ€“

FeaturesPMSMBLDC Motor
Motor typeAC Motor DC Motor
Generated Back EMFSin WaveTrapezoidal Wave
EfficiencyUpto 97% ( More Efficient )Upto 90% ( Less Efficient )
LossesLess core lossesHigh core losses
ControlSimple control mechanismComplex control mechanism
CoolingRequire external cooling methodRequire less cooling method
Control Accuracy HighLess
Magnet on RotorPermanent MagnetPermanent Magnet
ApplicationsUsed in Machine tools, Servo Drives, Traction system etc.Used in Robotics, Automation systems, Hard Drives etc.
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