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What is Energy Sources?

Energy Sources are the areas from which we obtain the energy required to power many parts of human life, such as industrial activities, transportation, and residential requirements. These sources can be natural or man-made, and they are often classed according to their ability to renew or replenish over time. Energy sources include fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, geothermal, and tidal power. Each energy source has distinct qualities, benefits, and restrictions that determine its application and impact on the environment and society.

Types of Energy Sources

There are two types of energy sources โ€“

  1. Primary Energy Source
  2. Secondary Energy Source
1. Primary Energy Sources

These types of sources exist naturally and can be collected directly from the environment. They are usually found in nature and must be transformed into secondary forms of energy before being employed in practical applications.

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Examples of Primary sources of energy:

2. Secondary Energy Sources

These sources, on the other hand, are types of energy that have been transformed from primary sources into more useable and practical forms. These secondary sources are frequently employed directly to power a variety of applications, including energy generating, transportation, heating, and cooling.

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Examples of secondary sources of energy are:

  • Electricity: Produced from primary or fundamental sources such as fossil fuels, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, and others.
  • Heat: Produced using fundamental resources like solar, geothermal, biomass, and fossil fuels.
  • Mechanical Energy: Generated from primary energy sources like tidal, hydroelectric, and wind power.
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