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Author Name: Arun Paul.

Energy Conservation by Improving Load Factor

What is Load Factor?

The Load Factor is the ratio of average load over time to peak load during that period. A higher load factor suggests more consistent use of electrical power, which leads to increased efficiency.

Strategies to improve load factor

Here are some strategies or techniques to improve load factor โ€“

  1. By distributing load evently.
  2. By scheduling high usage task
  3. By using automation techniques.
  4. By real time monitoring and load shifting.
  5. By storing energy during low demand period and use it on peak demand.
  6. Equipment should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it operates efficiently and does not consume excessive electricity.
  7. Replace old, inefficient equipment with newer, more energy-efficient options.
  8. Thermal storage is used in heating and cooling systems to store energy during off-peak hours.
  9. Instead of doing high-energy things all at once, spread them out over time. For example, in industrial settings, schedule machinery operations at staggered intervals.
  10. Shift non-essential loads to off-peak hours. For example, running HVAC systems or charging battery banks during non-peak hours.
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