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Fuels Used in Gas Turbine Power Plant

There are many types of fuels that are used in Gas Turbine Power Plants. Here we have listed of some those types of fuels –

1. Natural Gas

Natural gas, mostly consisting of methane (CHβ‚„), is the preferred fuel for gas turbines due to its clean-burning qualities.

  • Advantages: Compared to other fossil fuels, this fuel is very efficient, emits less sulfur dioxide (SOβ‚‚) and nitrogen oxides (NOβ‚“), and is abundant.

2. Diesel and Jet Fuel

Liquid fuels are utilized in the absence of natural gas or as a backup. Jet fuel (or aircraft turbine fuel) is similar to kerosene.

  • Advantages: High energy density and easily accessible infrastructure for storage and transportation.

3. Kerosene

Another liquid fuel commonly utilized in smaller turbines or for applications demanding high energy output.

  • Advantages: Clean burning with high energy content.

4. Synthetic Fuels

Chemical procedures such as gasification are used to produce energy from coal, biomass, or waste materials.

  • Advantages: Can be engineered to burn cleaner and, if sourced from biomass, can be considered a renewable source.

5. Hydrogen

An developing fuel that burns cleanly and yields only water as a byproduct.

  • Advantages: When used in sophisticated turbine designs, it produces no carbon emissions and operates at great efficiency.
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