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Author Name: Arun Paul.

What is Maximum Demand Controller or MDC?

A Maximum Demand Controller (MDC) is an electrical power management device or system that monitors and controls the maximum demand for electricity in industrial, commercial, and residential contexts. Its major goal is to keep demand from reaching a predetermined level, avoid peak demand charges and optimizing energy use.

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Some key features of this device โ€“

  1. The electrical power consumption is continuously monitored in real time.
  2. Automatically manages and minimizes electricity use during high demand periods by shedding or shutting off unnecessary loads.
  3. Power utilization data is recorded for analysis and reporting.
  4. Alerts when power use approaches the specified demand limit.
  5. Helps to optimize energy consumption by balancing the load, scheduling high-energy jobs during off-peak hours, and improving overall energy efficiency.
  6. By limiting maximum demand, you can save money on your energy bills and prevent penalties for exceeding demand limitations established by utility companies.

Uses of MDCs

Below we listed some important applications of this device โ€“

  • Used in manufacturing plants.
  • Used in large commercial buildings.
  • Also used in other infrastructure where managing energy costs is crucial.
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