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Author Name: Arun Paul.

Objectives of Management

There are many objectives of management system in an industry or management objectives, which are listed below โ€“
  1. Good Business: Good management produces good business by creating a vital dynamic and life-giving force in the organization.
  2. Realization of Objectives: Just as the mind directs and controls the body to fulfill its desire so also management directs and controls the organization to reach its desired purpose or objective.
  3. Better performance: Management provides new ideas, imaginations and visions to the organization and necessary life for better and greater performance to benefit society.
  4. Smooth Flow of Work: In ensures smooth flow of work by giving proper attention to every point, strong or weak and secures the maximum result with minimum of effort by keeping at bay all loopholes and in this way, establish a team spirit, a price less possession for every organization.
  5. Good Standard of Living: A sound management provides the workers/staff members good Standard of living, sufficient leisure and necessary amenities of life by increasing the output for greater than the input of all resources.
  6. Proper tackling of business problems: A good management service serve as a friend, philosopher and guide in tackling business problems, which are found to arise in course of business operation.
  7. Expression of Leadership: Good management is the expression of breadth and depth of leadership. It thus provides a tool for the best way of doing a work and leads to important saving in cost and increase in productivity.
  8. Establishment of Industrial Peace: Through a proper management system peace is established in industries. Acquiring peace is also possible through management. In scientific management, appointing workers, promoting them by proper training, appointing them according to their qualifications, rendering remuneration on work basis and motivating/encouraging are possible.
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