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Types of Computer Network

There are two types of computer network by their network role –
  1. Peer to Peer Network or P2P Network
  2. Server Based Network

What is Peer to Peer Network or P2P Network?

A peer-to-peer Network has no dedicated servers; instead, a number of workstations are connected together for the purpose of sharing information or devices. Peer to peer networks are designed to satisfy the networking needs of home networks or of small companies that do not want to spend a lot of money on a dedicated server but still want to have the capability to share information or devices like in school, college, cyber cafe.

p2p network architecture - poly notes hub
Key features of P2P Network
  • This type of network does not need large no of nodes.
  • The data(s) are accessible by group only.
  • In this network, there is a constant threat of cyber attack.
  • It requires special software to operate.
  • It also allowing resource sharing among the network.
Applications of P2P Network
  • Used for sharing files.
  • Used for direct messaging.
  • Used for content distribution as well.

What is Server Based Network?

In server based network data files that will be used by all of the users are stored on the one server. With a server based network, the network server stores a list of users who may use network resources and usually holds the resources as well. This will help by giving you a central point to set up permission on the data files, and it will give you a central point from which to back all of the data in case data loss should occur.

server based network architecture - poly notes hub
Key features of Server Based Network
  • This type of network is easy to scale.
  • It offers high speed data sharing.
  • The servers can handle multiple clients at a time.
  • Always a network administrator is required.
  • Centralized storage system is facilitated in it.
Applications of Server Based Network
  • Used for security purposes.
  • Used for Proper Managed System in Computer Network.
  • Used for resource allocations.
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