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In this note, we are going to learn about Coal Based Thermal Power Plant, and about its key components, advantages, and disadvantages as well. Welcome to Poly Notes Hub, a leading destination for engineering notes for diploma and degree engineering students.

Author Name: Arun Paul.

What is Coal Based Thermal Power Plant?

A Coal Based Thermal Power Plant is a power station that generates electricity mostly from coal. Burning coal generates heat, which is subsequently utilized to transform water into steam. This steam powers a steam turbine, which is coupled to a generator and produces energy.

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Key Components of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant

Here are some components of this power plant –

  • Coal Handling Plant: This sector is responsible for the first processing of raw coal, which includes transportation, crushing, and storage.
  • Boiler: Pulverized coal is burned in a boiler to generate heat. The boiler is a big chamber in which coal is burned and the heat produced is used to turn water into steam.
  • Economizer: This preheats the feedwater before it enters the boiler by using residual heat from the boiler’s exhaust gasses.
  • Superheater and Reheater: The steam produced by the boiler is first heated in a superheater to boost its temperature and pressure, which improves the turbine’s efficiency. The reheater reheats the steam after it has partially expanded in the turbine, increasing efficiency.
  • Steam Turbine: High-pressure steam is directed at the turbine’s blades, causing them to spin. The turbine is hooked up to a generator.
  • Generator: The rotating turbine powers the generator, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy via electromagnetic induction.
  • Condenser: After flowing through the turbine, the steam is condensed back into water in the condenser with cooling water. The water is then recycled back into the boiler.
  • Cooling Tower: Used to remove excess heat from the cooling water used in the condenser. The cooling water takes heat from the steam in the condenser and cools down in the cooling tower.
  • Chimney: The exhaust gases created during the combustion process are discharged into the atmosphere via the chimney.

Advantages of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant

Here are some advantages of this power plant –

  • Provides stable power supply.
  • Provides reliable power supply.
  • Advanced equipment and a solid infrastructure.

Disadvantages of Coal Based Thermal Power Plant

Here are some disadvantages of this power plant –

  • Large amount of water is use here.
  • Environmental impact is happen.
  • It uses non-renewable sources.
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