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Author Name: Arun Paul.

Site Selection for Coal Based Thermal Power Plant

Choosing an optimal site for a Coal Based Thermal Power Station requires careful consideration of several critical variables, including efficiency, cost-effectiveness, environmental compliance, and community acceptance.

Here are the main variables or factors to consider that how to select a site for thermal power plant โ€“
  1. Availability of Fuel Supply (Coal): The location should be close to coal mines or transportation infrastructure to save transportation costs and assure a consistent supply of coal.
  2. Water Availability: Thermal power plants require a considerable amount of water for cooling. It is critical to have access to a consistent source of water, such as a river, lake, or sea. The quality and availability of water throughout the year should be evaluated.
  3. Transportation: Easy access to trains and highways is crucial for getting coal and other commodities to the plant, as well as for delivering generated power. For plants near coastal areas, access to ports is required for coal importation.
  4. Availability of Land: Adequate land should be available for the power plant, including areas for coal storage, ash disposal, and potential expansion. To keep building expenses low, the ground should be reasonably flat.
  5. Climate: The site should have ideal climatic conditions, with little extreme weather that could disrupt plant operations.
  6. Waste Disposal: There should be provisions for the safe and environmentally appropriate disposal or use of coal ash. There must be facilities to treat and dispose of wastewater and other effluents.
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