What is Rank Math SEO | Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2023

In this article, Poly Notes Hub discuss about the Rank Math SEO which is The Best Free WordPress SEO Tool in 2023. For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are many SEO tools are available but Rank Math SEO is the best one. If you use the pro version of it then you will be more beneficial to use more then one focus keywords.

Author Name: Arun Paul.


Before going into the specifics of Rank Math SEO and its amazing capabilities, let’s examine why SEO is so important to the success of your website. The art and science of improving your website’s visibility in search engine results, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. Increased credibility, more organic traffic, and eventually improved conversion rates correlate with high visibility.

Search engine optimization is essential for success in the constantly changing digital world. One of the most widely used content management systems, WordPress, has a tone of SEO plugins that can help you move up the search engine ranks. Out of all of them, Rank Math SEO is the greatest free WordPress SEO tool for 2023.

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The Power of SEO in 2023

Being on top of the SEO game is crucial as competition in the online space grows. In 2023, SEO will be more complex and multifaceted than ever. With so many algorithm changes and shifts in user behavior, you need a strong SEO tool to help you navigate.

Why Rank Math SEO? – Best Free SEO Tool For WordPress

With the help of the feature-rich, free WordPress plugin Rank Math SEO, website owners may efficiently optimise their sites. This plugin is a great option for webmasters and bloggers because it is made to improve your SEO efforts. Let’s investigate what, as of 2023, makes Rank Math SEO the greatest free WordPress SEO solution.

  • User-friendly Interface: This plugin is perfect for both beginners and professionals. You do not need any previous experience to do SEO by using this tool. You have to follow the instructions of this plugin.
  • Advanced SEO analysis: This tool provides in-depth SEO analysis, helping people to identify the areas where they have to improve to get results.
  • Rich snippet integration: It supports rich snippets and helps to stand out the content in the search results.
  • Keyword Optimization: It will suggest relevant keywords.
  • Social Media Integration: It will help us to integrate our social media platform to get more results.
  • Performance Analysis: Rank Math SEO evaluates your website’s performance and offers suggestions for improvement.

How to Rank 100% in Rank Math SEO?

The following points should be obey to rank 100% when doing Search Engine Optimization –

  1. You have to select a “Focus Keyword” first.
  2. The focus keyword should be available in the SEO title.
  3. The focus keyword should be present in the Meta Description.
  4. Focus keywords have to be present in the URL.
  5. Focus Keyword should appear in the first 10% of the content.
  6. Content on the blog should be more than 600 words.
  7. The focus keyword that you select has to be present in any heading or subheadings, at least at once.
  8. Media like Images or Videos must be present in the blog or the post. The Focus Keyword should be on the Alt or Alternative Text of the image.
  9. For better rank, the keyword density of 1 to 1.5% is sufficient for most of cases. And it can be differs for others based on the content that you are served.
  10. A minimum of one Internal or External link has to be added to the content.
  11. Focus keyword should be used in the beginning of the SEO title.
  12. Title must have a Power Word. Ex. Best, Top and New etc.
  13. A number should be present in the SEO title.
  14. Have to use Table of Content on the blog or the post.
  15. Consider to use short paragraph. The paragraph should be less than 120 words.
How to Rank 100% in Rank Math SEO?

So, What are you waiting for Click Here to Download ( Free Version with limited facilities ), Rank Math SEO. If anyone wants Rank Math SEO ( Pro Version ) then please mail to arunpaul36@gmail.com.

Other Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

  1. HubSpot
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. All In One SEO
  4. SEO Press
  5. SEOQuake

Video for Guidance ( Rank Math SEO )

Here, we attached a video for your guidance that how to setup and how to use Rank Math SEO

Conclusion | Best WordPress SEO Plugins

2023 is going to see the need for effective SEO grow even more. The success of your website depends on your capacity to draw in organic traffic and turn people into devoted followers. One of the greatest free WordPress SEO tools, Rank Math SEO gives you the tools and advice you need to succeed in the SEO industry.


  • Is Rank Math SEO really free?

Yes, Rank Math SEO free of cost but with limited range of features. Its pro version which is have extra features that are very much beneficial to every SEO expert.

  • Can I use this tool if I am Not Expert?

Ans: It does not matter that you are expert or not. The Rank Math SEO has easy to use interface.

  • What are rich snippets, and why are they essential?

Rich snippets are structured data elements that provide extra information in search results. They are essential as they make your content more appealing and clickable.

  • Does Rank Math SEO work with other WordPress plugins?

Yes, Rank Math SEO is compatible with many other WordPress plugins, allowing you to tailor your website’s functionality to your specific needs.

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