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Author Name: Arun Paul.

Factors Governing the Selection of Cogeneration System

Below we listed some factors of the cogeneration system โ€“
  1. Electricity and Heat Demand: Determine how much electricity and thermal energy (heating/cooling) the facility needs at the same time. The size of the cogeneration system ought to correspond with the load profile of the facility.
  2. Type of Fuel: Think about the price and accessibility of fuels like biogas, biomass, natural gas, or other renewable sources. The fuel selection affects both the environmental impact and operating expenses.
  3. Electrical Efficiency: The proportion of electrical output to fuel input overall.
  4. Emissions Standards: Compliance with municipal, regional, and national emission restrictions.
  5. Ownership Model: Options include outright purchase, leasing, or third-party ownership via energy service companies (ESCOs).
  6. Available Space: Adequate area for installing and operating the cogeneration system.
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